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Monday, November 25, 2013

Not Exactly Yosemite

Part I of our Image Maker assignment in Digi-Photo II was to select a Photographer and present a minimum 20-minute lecture including examples of the Photog's work. When the Professor joked, "No one's gonna pick Ansel Adams, right?" I picked up the thrown gauntlet. Part II of the assignment would be to present for critique a series of photos in the style of that photographer. "How hard can it be to shoot a buncha rocks? Around Tucson?" The real stickler was waiting for days with dramatic cloud cover, an idiom (or cliche, if you will) of Adams' work.

Without a scenic body of water nearby, I decided to make one of my own for a photo. Behold! Lake Santa Rita! Breaking with Ansel's technique a bit, I saved some detail that might have been burnt black by Adams' trademark contrastiness. Call me a Rebel.
My Part I presentation went well last week; Part II is tomorrow night.

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    not too shabby!



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