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Friday, August 17, 2012

Six Blinks

I knew my 8-year-old SONY TV was trying to tell me something when the Stand By light started a string of six blinks this week. This morning it emitted a high-pitched whistle and when I cycled off the power, it failed to turn back on. So, do I go into the hole to get it repaired or replaced? Nope, I called DISH Network and cancelled my subscription. While I was being so pro-active with the hacienda budget, I got on-line and applied to re-finance my mortgage (coincidentally, I'm 15 years into a 30-year mortgage). That should cut my house payment in half... whoohoo! Net pay increase! Which is certainly handy because I've been floating a balance on my credit card over the past few months. Still living on modest means, but at least I still have the freedom to shoot movies and matches without giving it up to work for the Man. I better get working on those movies.... Anybody want a great big, dead SONY rear-projection TV, free to a good home (you carry it)?



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