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Monday, August 20, 2012

Shut Up, You Assholes!

As a former intel professional, I've personally seen/heard vital intelligence sources dry up because certain bureaucrat-weasels and politicians (but I repeat myself) couldn't keep the sources that took millions, nay, billions of dollars to exploit a properly guarded secret. Mewl all you want that the folks in this video might be personally or politically opposed to the present Administration... they're still right and I don't doubt they'd make the same accusations against a Republican administration that did the same thing. I can't give you any details, because I've signed Non-disclosure Agreements that would put me in Federal prison for the rest of my days... and because I know it's WRONG. Apparently, the current folks don't feel they're under either compulsion.



  • At 7:36 PM, Blogger Windy Wilson said…

    I recall once during Reagan's first term he used a picture from the inside of an airplane used for drug smuggling as a prop for a speech about stopping drug smuggling, and that picture got the undercover agent whacked. I don't recall the Dems getting in an uproar about it, but there were several years of separation between the murder and the discovery, and they have short attention spans. Reagan learned his lesson though, and never used hot intel as a mere prop again. I hope our current collection of elected officials can learn a similar lesson.


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