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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Small Pond

Met up with some fellow film-makers tonight, both retired LEOs. They're looking for cheap (free) and reliable movie labor/expertise. It's easy to find acting and film school grads in this town, but not so easy getting one to your shoot on a weekend, as most of them are asking whether their customer would wish to upgrade the portion size of yon side-dish and beverage. While I'm full up til the end of the year, I'll probably only take one or two classes in the Spring.

After I lamented the weak turnout to the school's casting call, Al showed me the casting book for a movie he wants to shoot soon. I was like, "Wow! She starred in my Advanced Video movie last year. I think she's working at Old Tucson Studios now." "Hey, he was in this year's movie!" And of course, "Linda's been in every other Pima movie ever made and about a third of the individual movies." Sure, there were lots of faces I didn't recognize, but I was amazed I knew so many of the talents of Tucson after two years in school and the occasional indie short.

I think these guys are going to keep me busy next year.

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