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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Bustin' Caps and Things

Since I was too busy for the Cactus Match last weekend, Jon invited me up this weekend for Rio Salado's 5th Saturday Sub-Gun/Pistol-Caliber Carbine Match. I kept the Hebroom at home in the safe, though, saving my Winchester White Box 9-mm for the big October Sub-Gun Match. This being one of Jon's favorite matches, he talked Keith and Grant into trying it. Keith liked it so much, he edged Jon out for 1st Place in the PCC Division using his new 9-mm AR carbine.

The fun stage of the day was the two-shooter cooperative stage whereby both shooters shared times and penalties. I slowed down Jon's time by jamming occasionally and over-engaging targets, while Jon returned the favor by engaging my activator target before I could get a bead on the corresponding disappearing target. This match could become my own favorite if I could get my 9-AR running well and remember to give blood after the match, not before it.

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