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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to School!

It's the first full week of school and it looks like Tuesdays are going to be a bear! Autodesk Maya (3D Animation) and Adobe Illustrator at midday and Advanced Cinematography as a night class. Enough time for dinner and a nap before the late one, but not really enough time for the 1-hour round trip home.

Tonight we find out what action movie the Ad-Cine class will shoot this fall and the Post-Production class will edit next spring. I have a movie script in the running as do some friends of mine. Of course, if my script has been chosen, I'll be ineligible to Direct, which is just as well since a fat-old-retired-guy got selected for the Director's chair last year. Can't have two in a row, see what I'm sayin'?

If my script is chosen, I definitely want to Produce, since I'd written it for props and wardrobe I already have or soon will have. Actually, if it's not chosen, I'll shoot a shorter version of it myself in the spring Advanced Video class, but don't tell Professor Wing that. I think it would be a lot more kick-ass with a whole class of film brains working on it than just a team of volunteer classmates than might show up or not.

Hmm... I think I woke up too early today. Maybe I'll read more of that Illustrator textbook to help me get back to sleep.

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