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Friday, July 08, 2011

Let's Make a Movie!

Still waiting for Nine Buddhas to iron out the script for "Until Dead," a mystery centered on a murder trial, so I have a green light to jump on short-range short-term productions. My first is 1219 Studios' "There's No Such Thing as Monsters," for entry in October's Tucson Terrorfest. During last night's production meeting, I went from being Head Mixer to Head Mixer and Producer! Well, that's due to my policy that if I have to make more than three fully laden trips to load my truck, I get a Producer credit. Director Snuf Leamon was more than happy to toss me that bone since several of the crew he had lined up backed out at the last minute.

Heh, we're making a "Snuf Film." No, really!

The bad part about being so shorthanded is that I'll probably have to do my own booming, so I'll be less a Head Mixer and more "Snuf's Audio Bitch." Still, I'm looking forward to crewing with old friends on the wonderful process of crafting an original short film.

My summer Business Ethics class was cancelled for low enrollment, so instead of starting class Monday, I'll assemble a camera dolly, finish my camera crane (it came without counter-weights), and try some camera tests with them both. Either that or sit around the house in my underwear reading blogs all day.

Update: Day 1 Down! Hurray for friends! Jonathon and Carlos stepped up as boom and slate operators, allowing me to concentrate on the audio level meter. Pics to follow tomorrow night!

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