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Sunday, July 03, 2011

It Never Fails

My GLOCK mid-frame (G17/19/22/23/32/etc.) Fobus holster blipped off into the black hole at my house, so I finally replaced it yesterday. I would rather have replaced it with a minimalist Yaqui Slide, but the shop only had the large frame version. At least the rubberized paddle on the Fobus is an improvement over my old one. I know some of you turn up your noses at Fobus, but I'm a big fan.

Gathering up my gear for tomorrow's ID4 Action Rifle Match, I began to wonder where I'd left my tube of SPF 50 sunscreen. I'd borrowed Jon's for my latest match in the great blazing PHX sun, but figured I'd better find my own or go out and buy some more. My first thought was to check my suitcase -- until I remembered it was still half-packed for a winter trip back home; but I checked it anyway and found my Fobus holster! Then I started a little memory exercise to place where I'd last used my tube of sunscreen. Movie set! I was the non-AZ native who had the only sunscreen on the set of Featherado, a student film, and immediately I could see down the hall in the other spare bedroom my cowboy wardrobe bin with the tube of sunscreen visible at the bottom. I wonder when Gabe is gonna give me a copy of that movie... it's my first movie musical credit, ya know?

So, I'm all set for tomorrow... except for the nagging sense of impending suckitude, wondering why our Forefathers couldn't have declared Independence in May or October, when it's not so blazing hot here.

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