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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

ID4 Update

I cudda been a contendah! The match results are out and I ended up at the top of the bottom 4th. If my abysmal performance on the long range stage hadn't killed my scores, I might have been at the bottom of the top third!! But NOOOOOO!!!! Instead of scrunching down and using the plastic barrels for support, I stood up and used the flimsy plywood barricades for vestigial support while my hot rifle barrel began to melt through my Nomex glove.

Jon (pictured left) finished at the bottom of the first third. We were actually close until my meltdown.

No surprise here, Kelly Neal won the match in the Scoped Division, my man Russ Phagen of match sponsor Cavalry Manufacturing took the encumbered Trooper Division, and youngster Grant M. took the Iron Sighted Division.

UPDATE: Russ' Run



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