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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Have You Seen Me?


I walked out to my truck this morning intending to take it in to get the brakes fixed when I noticed the door slightly ajar and the contents of the glove compartment thrown on the passenger seat. With a sick feeling of inevitability, I confirmed my GLOCK 23 missing.

Man, I'm pissed.

The TPD found my GLOCK locked inside a stolen vehicle YESTERDAY! It's only some paperwork away! Yay!



  • At 5:11 PM, Blogger Rico said…

    Up here in the big city, we've taken to locking our vehicles and most definitely locking the glove box, especially when we have a gub* in it.
    You might want to take up the practice.

    *The word is from "Take the Money And Run", but it's a good under-the-radar word for a firearm.

  • At 10:32 PM, Blogger Glenn B said…

    Lucky you, not only that they found it and apparently are gong to give it back pronto but that it was not used in a homicide. I rarely leave firearms in my vehicle except when circumstances sort of mandate it like if on a hunting trip and making a stop with rifles in the trunk. I never, absolutely never, leave a handgun in the glove compartment. I also try to never leave one in the passenger compartment unless due to a brain fart or necessity. If I have to leave a handgun in the car, it goes into the trunk, and is secured to the body of the car by some sort of cable lock or with my handcuffs (there are often holes in the frame/body of the car somewhere in the trunk and I secure through them when possible or to the hinge of trunk). If no trunk and I had to leave it in the car, then under the seat with cable through the seat or if possible through the frame of the car. I know my luck, had your stolen gun instead been my gun, someone would have been shot already by the gun thief but I would have wound up being charged for it. Anyway, all that secure stuff has been hammered into me by my job.

    Well good luck in getting it back. Think about a cable lock for the future when it needs to be left in your vehicle, or a lock box secured to the frame or body of the car.

    All the best,

  • At 10:53 PM, Blogger Cowboy Blob said…

    Glenn, a cable lock would defeat the purpose of having a pistol readily available for self defense. My remedy will be to keep it in the console for day trips, but remove it when I arrive home. It stays in the console because campus carry is still illegal here; otherwise, I'd carry it in my laptop bag at all times.

  • At 5:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Bob, you need to get a lockbox installed in your truck. If the gun is not on your person or within your immediate control it needs to be secured. Obviously you know that being a gun owner means you need to be a responsible gun owner.
    If you want to keep the gun in your center console or even your underwear while you are in the truck, fine. If you leave the gun in the truck while the truck is not in your physical control, you are asking for something like this to happen (again). You need to get a gun vault or similar product installed in your truck - don't just cable tie it, bolt it down. Additionally, secure your vehicle. I get the impression from reading your post that there was no forced entry into your truck which would imply that the vehicle was unlocked. Leaving a gun in an unlocked vehicle is stupid and irresponsible. You are quite lucky no one was killed with your firearm, I don't know how you'd feel knowing that you supplied someone with a loaded gun through your negligence and it was used to kill or harm a person.

  • At 10:59 AM, Blogger Desert Cat said…

    I've been meaning to look into those single pistol gun safes (the sort that unlock with a few finger presses) to install securely in my vehicle. This incident may be the impetus to finally do that.

    If the choice is to carry where not legal, to leave the gun at home, or to find a way to secure it in the vehicle when I can't carry, I've got to look at a way to make the third one work.

  • At 10:50 PM, Anonymous JohnW said…

    As my wife found out last month, the one night you don't lock your car should not be the one night you leave your laptop in it.

  • At 10:10 PM, Anonymous AnejoDave said…

    I hope the goblin tries to take it again and fails spectacularly.


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