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Thursday, April 28, 2011

They're OUR Douchebags

The ENDO Blog poll named the History Channel's Top Shots "Top Douchebag" as USAF Sniper George Reina (left, graphic from the link). I have no problem with that since I voted for George. It really pained me that the two highest vote-getters, George and Ashley Spurlin, pictured below, were justifiably the TDs of Top Shots, since they were both members of my beloved Air Force; I stopped rooting for them early on when they established their Red Team clique and later began attempts at eliminating (and disparaging) US Navy shooter Jamie Franks, the Kelly Bachand of Year Two.

In the Season Two finale, George basically threw the competition in favor of his new buddy, Chris Reed, who'd eventually edge out competitive shooter Brian "Gunny" Zins for the title of Top Shot. I'm able to find something noble in George's gesture. As a young, single, handsome, buff warrior, George maintains the cachet of Kingmaker, enabling the stay-at-home father to score the $100k prize money, while writing his own legend in pop culture and the USAF. I foresee some lucrative commercial endorsements in this young man's after-service future.

As much as I've butted my own head against fellow shooters (recall my fall-out with Arizona ACTS a while ago), I remain a fan of what Douchebags do for our shooting sports. Arizona ACTS hasn't suffered without me and the drama produced by George and Ashley will probably ensure Top Shot Season Three does even better. I wish George and Ashley the best in their careers and AZ ACTS continued success.

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  • At 7:08 AM, Blogger Fits said…

    I stopped watching Top Shot after the little runt (who I had many a run in with online) disgraced himself in I guess it was season one. The show is less about shooting skill and more about showmanship but that's why probably half of the people watch it.

    Marksmen get their rep from working with one or two platforms doing the same thing over and over again, as there are few born shooters but many made shooters. What Top Shot does is take them out of their comfort zone and that's cool because you'd never otherwise believe that a supposed dead-on gunny could be so lame.

    Maybe I'll go back to watching it again.

  • At 11:19 AM, Blogger Cargosquid said…

    If George had wanted to be honorable, he would have shot fairly. If he won, he could have GIVEN his winnings to his buddy.

    Now, Chris's win will always have an asterisk. I know that I would always be wondering if I had that handed to me like that.

    As a caveat, George missing the plate to give Chris a chance was an honorable thing. BUT, if he threw that rifle shot, not so much. And I believe he did. His intentions were good, but he didn't think it through like a mature adult.


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