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Monday, March 28, 2011

High and Low

First the Low: When I found out my shooter number for the 3-day POF-USA Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun Match was 86, I joked to Jon, "Oh, no! I'm gonna get DQ'd!"

Who knew I was so frikkin' psychic?

I was sent to the Dairy Queen on the 7th stage I shot for grounding an unsafed weapon. As I remember it, I think I safed the LR-308 immediately after I figured out there were no more rifle targets to engage, then unengaged it as I grounded it in the trunk of the prop automobile. A major brainfart kept me from enjoying the last four stages and from walking the prize table. What a major bummer.

I won a nice Dillon Precision shooting mat at the Shooter's Banquet, but that wasn't the high point of my weekend. That was meeting Iain Harrison (left), the winner of the History Channel's inaugural season of Top Shot. We were watching the folks from FNH-USA and the Versus Channel host this year's SMM3G episode of "3-Gun Nation" and Exurban Kevin had just pointed out that we were watching the making of 3-Gun Nation with the star of Top Shot. I had noticed him earlier, but didn't want to bother the guy, but then thought, "What the heck? Can expressing your admiration for someone be that bothersome?" At least I didn't try to pose in a picture with him... though I was sorely tempted!
In case you're keeping track, I was entered in "Heavy Metal Limited" armed with a DPMS LR-308 topped with an EOTech Holosight (unmagnified optics are now permitted in Limited), Colt "Enhanced" Mark IV Series 80, and a Remington 870. Normally I alternate between Heavy Metal and Tactical Scope year after year, but after this hollow year, I'm going back to HM, though maybe with a Scope, since I've got the hankering to get some "glass" for my birthday.

Stay tuned for more videos later in the week. I've got a buttload of schoolwork on which to catch up.

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