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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

My art instructor Miss Katie formally introduced our second project tonight, a Year of the Rabbit themed Commercial Illustration. It should feature a rabbit of some kind in the foreground and contain a mid-ground and background, advancing warm colors at the fore, with retreating cooler colors to the back. Mmmm... Jessica Rabbit! No, wait, that's trademarked. I submitted three sketches, a jackrabbit in a desert scene, a fluffy white bunny, and a Tucson gangsta cartoon bunny in front of a low-rider and a Native Reservation casino. After further research identified this as the year of the Metal Rabbit, I changed the car to a ricer racer and gave the gangsta rabbit a Death Bunny T-Shirt.

Then, after finishing up my first project, a dual self-portrait, I killed time by surfing on my desktop Mac to my favorite rabbit theme of all time, Cat Shit One. When Perfessor Katie came by again, I had to give her a peek. My cartoon bunny would have been easier to execute in the prescribed micron pen and watercolor, but I let her convince me that I could do something similar, being the gun bunny she knows I am from the last class I had with her back in 2008.

Introducing Gun Bunny!

Incidentally, the Rabbit characters in the manga Apocalypse Meow originated from a play on the Japanese word for "Rabbit, " usagi.


I decided to make mine a little more mainstream by using the M88 Kevlar helmet, instead of the floppy boonie hats used in the anime.

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