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Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year New Shooter Report

The new shooter? The BinkerMom, my Baby Sis! When the BinkerDad heard Lil Bro and I were planning on ringing in the New Year with a bang after Mom's New Year Egg Roll Feast, he immediately offered to run home and get his pistol and eye/ear protection. The BinkerMom surprised us all by asking him to fetch her stuff too. I got them matching earmuffs and glasses 3 years ago when we introduced our Brother-in-Law to the gunny world with Dad's .22 revolver. It was such a surprise that BinkerDad confessed he hadn't grilled his wife on shooting safety, as she'd only been interested in keeping guns out of sight and reach of the Binker.

After a thorough review of the Rules, Lil Sis started off with Hubby's .22, and as we all cycled onto the firing line, she graduated to his Browning BDM, my Glock 19, and pair of Colt .45 autos, until she gamely tried busting caps with my DPMS LR-308. Hopefully Lil Bro and BinkerDad and give her a longer, less rushed range day (maybe on level ground, too!) some time in the New Year.

The downer to the outing was when Lil Sis' first shot with the LR-308 broke the Quick-Mount on my EOTech Holo-sight. I hope I can get it fixed before the Superstition 3-Gun Match.

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