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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Fun Match

I only shot two out of four stages with the Hebrewm before quitting in frustration. I suspect the fat 130-grain Fiocchi's weren't the best fodder, since the problem was incomplete feeding.

I shot the other four stages with my Heavy Metal gear, except for the Colt .45 I'd left sitting on my coffee table at home. Hooray for Jon's Gun Shop! He lent me his tricked out Para, which I fed mags jammed to capacity... screw that 10-round crap!

Jon, who produced the match, crushed the crowd in Riotgun and placed 2nd in Carbine.

Stage Five was a 30-second "Art Contest," sponsored by Jon, who provided a goody bucket complete with ammo and candy. Terry and Linda, Match King and Stat Queen, respectively, judged based on artistic quality and symmetry. Bob won with this edgy submission.

These other efforts won't show up taped to Mom's fridge any time soon.



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