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Monday, June 28, 2010

3-Gun Fun in the June Sun

Instead of mixing pistol and rifle for the two Carbine stages, I made them rifle-only to give the long guns an extra work out. Jon and I brought out our .308 Thumpers to contrast with Ron's (pictured) and Big Bob's "mouse guns." Jon's brother Chuck brought out his Garand, chambered in .30-06 as the Old Testament God intended. Bob squeaked ahead of me in both courses of the match.

The first stage was run-and-gun, albeit against difficult targets, some hiding behind no-shoots. The pistoleros must have hated it because the match director put them out at a challenging distance. They would get their chance to spray on other stages. The second stage required four targets engaged from the left shoulder and four from the right. Pistoleros engaged four targets left-handed and four right-handed.

Shotgun was in my normal mixed format. Our first stage featured five poppers to be engaged with birdshot and three paper targets to be engaged once with slugs or twice with the grounded handgun. The second stage was a brain work-out, requiring two shots from pistol, then two shots from riotgun, repeat until all steel is down. All loaded weapons had to be grounded safely, or be disqualified. The RO dished out penalties for taking more than two shots (that one got me) and in Chuck's case, less than two shots. Pistoleros had a different game: two hits on the left side targets, then two on the right, lather, rinse, repeat.

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