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Thursday, April 01, 2010

2010 Superstition 3-Gun

Now THAT'S how you open a door!

Squad 1 attacked Stage 1 at 7 am Friday to kick off the Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun (range officers and staff shot on Thursday). I was the first to shoot and it seemed like forever before an Open gunner and Jon bested my respectable time. I actually had several good stages (but some bad ones too), finishing ahead of 25% of the Tactical Scope shooters.

Stage 1 "ObamaCare" featured a spread out shotgun course including two pink no-shoot steel poppers and a popper-activated O.R. door. The shooter then had t
o push the "patient" all the way through the door and engage the plate rack with pistol. I was a bit too distracted with match nerves to remember to shoot any video on this stage.

Here's Jon posing with the LaRue Tactical .308 (packaged with a $900 Trijicon scope, not shown) that neither of us won in the raffle.

We didn't win the POF-USA gas-piston .223 AR Match Banquet door prize either. Did I mention the prizes at this match were awesome?

Jon's 54th Place finish was good enough to snag him another Cavalry Arms polymer lower receiver; I went home with a metric buttload of Blue Wonder cleaning and bluing products, a Bushmaster T-Shirt, a portable cooler, and miniature binoculars.

Rather than link each individual video I shot, I'll just point you to my YouTube account. Be sure to leave adoring and nurturing feedback.



  • At 3:43 PM, Anonymous ExurbanKevin said…

    The prizes were pretty fantastic this year. I snagged $100 of Montana Gold Bullets and a Blackhawk Serpa holster for a SiG (which is up for sale on Cheaper Than Dirt now (plug)) and I managed to luck out and get a CavArms lower for myself at the RO drawing afterwards.


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