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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Semester's almost over! My relief is tempered by the fact that my perfect 4.0 GPA might be in danger. My first Audio project got an appalling grade due to the fact that I failed to record the music tracks to the target DAT media... stupid analog equipment! My second and final project was much better, but the written final might have been weak enough to wreck my "A." I crushed my Documentary written final, but my notional documentary proposal package was a little light in industry support. I'd like to thank Dave Kopel, Breda, and Michael Bane/Marshal Halloway (both of Down Range TV) for taking the time to help a rookie film maker with an imaginary documentary. I did include my funding rejection letter from the Joyce Foundation in the package, just for giggles.

Had the Wrap Party for Advanced Cinematography last night, but I couldn't hang around long, since my Doc package was still missing most of its budget the night before it was due. Well, plus the fact that I'm not exactly Mr. Social. Was a good time, even though my asocial stomach wouldn't let me partake of some yummy-looking Buffalo Wild Wings.

Next semester:
Advanced Video
Advanced Screenwriting
Elementary Japanese (damn you PCC for not recognizing my Korean credits!)



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