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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Product Review: Advanced Tactical Camera

The ATC by Pacific Concepts/Ravenwood Tactical is touted as "the next step in firearms training and tactical accountability."

Here's the site.

A Review by Borelli Consulting.

Thanks to a Christmas Technology Subsidy by my best buddy Chief, I picked up one as a Gun Blog accessory. It shoots up to 640X480 VGA resolution, so it translates to YouTube rather well; to a high-quality video production, not so much.

On my second outing with it, it conked out right about where the first shot would have been and refused to work afterwards. I think it killed the 32 MB onboard memory chip -- when I finally inserted the 2 GB SD card (not supplied), it worked just fine.

The ATC downloads to a computer via a supplied USB cable. It's a good thing I have a MacTop, because my Dell PC running XP refused to recognize the AVI files. YMMV.

Here are some stages from the Superstition 3-Gun where I'd mounted the ATC on my Cooley-braked POF-USA upper/Bushmaster lower (the POF-Meister).

Stage 2
All that rattling around was me clearing a stuck casing.

Stage 3

Stage 6
Peace Through Superior Firepower and First-Round Hits! Yay 5X optics!

Stage 8

Overall, I give it a fair-good rating.



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