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Friday, April 03, 2009

Lights, Camera, Ignition!

Last night, my Cinematography partner and I were up past midnight shooting our second film (on the school's 16-mm hand-wound Bolex) at the Cowboy Blob Hacienda.  It was a special effects extravaganza!  We tacked on an effect since I just happened to have a flask of Pyrodex handy!

Nick sacrificed some arm hair to his art before deciding to stick with the fake hand prop throughout the production.  Smart man.

We were allowed the use of the school's lighting kits for this one, so we shot night-for-night, using a blue gel sheet to simulate moonlight/streetlights (since Tucson 'burbs typically don't have streetlights, it was practically the only light we had to work with.

It's always a reel (heh) challenge to work with film because you don't get the immediate feedback that video gives you.  We won't know how it turns out until it comes back from the developer and the professional transfer to digital video tape.

Thankfully, we didn't catch my car, house, or yard on fire.  We took all prudent safety precautions, but we were curious as to why all the fire trucks kept passing by on my quiet little side street during the night.

Nick brought his friend Curtis to help with the lights and man the camera when Nick and I had to be in the same shots.  It was a lot of fun, but I much prefer video to film.

We're finishing up tonight, so I think I'll get some beer for the wrap party afterwards.



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