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Monday, March 30, 2009

2009 Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun Match

*SIGH* It's over already. Did darned well (for me) with 131st place out of 158 Tactical Scope shooters and 207th out of 245 total shooters. It's the first year I ever cleaned up ALL the long-range steel, so I can't see myself (or much else) going back to Heavy Metal unless I get my eyes examined. The POF-Meister and Benelli definitely contributed to my improvement -- sometimes you get what you pay for!

Imagine how well I could do if I was lighter (maybe can do) and physically coordinated! (ummm....)

The match did suffer a talent drain due to a match in Texas on the same weekend. That and the slow economy resulted in a more disappointing prize table waaay down at my end. Well, I'm certainly not in the game for the prizes, but....

Y'all are gonna have to wait a bit for the video, since I still have neither the equipment nor software to transfer my camera footage to computer. I think that'll change by next week.

Jon finished 6th out of 25 Heavy Metal shooters and 4th out of the Pump Shotgun sub-division. He placed 39th overall!

A friend of ours and his son (1st Superstition!) shot on our awesome squad and the youngster (already a sponsored shooter) won High Junior! Yeah, he beat me too. So much for Age and Treachery.



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