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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Zombie Wars 2009 is Over

This is your intrepid blogger reporting to you from the afterlife. No, I didn't survive the Zombie Apocalypse, but I did take dozens of the foul Undead to Hell with me. In fact, only two of our number (out of 40 shooters!) survived the onslaught and that included my buddy Jon, the Top Survivor and overall Match Winner. And he was using an iron-sighted M1A and a Les Baer single-stack .45!

Of course, he also got some good mojo from the shirt from his latest foray against the Zombie
Hordes. I wore my Order of the Stick "Evil is a Growth Industry" T-shirt, but I failed to deceive the Zombies that I was on their side. Can you really deceive a Zombie?

Stage 1 started us out engaging with a rifle until it was notionally ripped out of our hands. Then we retreated to the "van," closed the door behind us, and engaged all the zombies outside through the windows. Jon and I were the only ones in our squad to survive this stage. The number of targets in all stages was reduced from those depicted in the stage descriptions.

Pictures of the actual stages are here.

Stage 2 we shot first. Since I was the primary Range Officer for my squad, I left my camera in my range box for the entire match. I didn't want to impose on Jon because he had a good run going and I'd imposed on him enough today. This stage eliminated half our squad from the chance of Surviving the Match.

Here's a "shoulder cam" video from another shooter.

Stage 3 eliminated the rest of us, except for Jon. I died by inches, cuz if you don't shoot 'em in the head, they're gonna eat ya!

Stage 4 was wacky! You got 10 rounds of .22 LR, a single-shot boltie sized for a youngster, and staged pistol magazines down range. We simulated crawling through the sewer drainage pipe by crawling down a path and using some pipes for shooting ports. This stage cost many of our shooters a lot of time and Deaded a few (but they were already Dead). I came in 10th out of 40 shooters, in the basement of Open Division -- most of the Open gunners got there by firing Full Auto! I got there because I had a scope that went up to 5X, though it never left 1.5X.

AZ ACTS keeps raising the bar by putting on intensely fun matches like this one. This one was the brainchild of "Bloodfeast," a very lean-forward character in our league. My hat, and quite possibly my disembodied head, is off to him.



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