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Monday, January 26, 2009

Naive & Abroad in Mexico

I don't know what gave Mr. Wilder the impression that I was any good at book reviews (I know it couldn't have been my latest one), but he sent me a draft copy of his latest collection of insight and anecdotes and asked me to review it in January.

I've lived in Tucson for 12 years and I have not had the slightest urge to venture a little ways south into that mudhole of crime, corruption, and chihuahuas that they call Mexico. Marcus obviously did, and for some reason kept going back (well, he's the adventurous sort who heads off alone into remote Pakistan, so what can I say?). Wilder shares his look into what it means to be Mexican and bars no holds. And holds no bars. If you're truly interested in Mexican culture and psychology, this book should be your first read. Read excerpts to a loyal Mexican only through a thick pane of Lexan with some air holes drilled through. I wonder if my college bookstore has this?

Seriously, I greatly admire the hard-working Mexican-Americans who share my community, but the La Raza/Aztlanist racists can go take a long walk barefoot through a cholla forest. Wilder predicts that a regaining of Mexico's lost territory (the American Southwest) is almost inevitable. I hope he's wrong. California is messed up enough already.



  • At 8:02 PM, Blogger NotClauswitz said…

    The left is determined to bring everybody down to their pathetic level of ignorance and day-labor.


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