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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What a day for playing hooky!

Why hang around in Tucson the day before Thanksgiving for a computer graphics class in which the instructor has long lost interest in the subject and started teaching website content management? Yeah, I couldn't think of a reason either.

The day dawned chill and damp, but instead of drinking coffee and playing Steel Panthers, we hauled our guns out to Bob's truck and had a range day at the sheltered public range at Ben Avery. Here Bob tries out my Norinco 64S, which was obviously made for someone of a shorter stature.

No pampered guns here. Bob's '44 Mauser (right) got a taste of the elements. It shoots nice! A little high, but I'll bet a bayonet would fix that!

Jon brought out his M1A to function test, his KelTec Sub2000 to zero-in (for ACTS, maybe?), and his Patriot Ordnance gas-piston AR (below), to test his remounted optics... and snipe little rocks from 200 yards away.

After Thanksgiving, we 've got more gun fun planned. This involves The Hebroom and some bowling pins!



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