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Friday, November 28, 2008

More Holiday Gunny Stuff

Friday, we adjourned to Table Mesa to do some new-shooter instruction and recreational shooting. Scarlet noticed Jon had been snacking on the leftovers this morning.

Jon slipped a .22 conversion kit onto his Glock 19 receiver and rigged up some targets for the youngsters (and ourselves). After the safety briefing and some orientation, we brought out some printouts and began the competition with the Balloons. I beat all comers in the Accuracy competition (beat Jon by one balloon and one fly -- we both aced the bullseye target, though his group was much tighter than mine).

Also introduced the kids to some long guns. Here's Cesty lookin' all gangsta with the .223 AK. They also got their first Uzi experience and shot Jon's awesome scoped POF gas-piston AR.

Jon won the Artistic competition by unanimous vote.



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