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Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm not a Socialist

Mr. Completely tried to cajole me into attending the GunBlogger Rendezvous this weekend, but I couldn't attend, due to my college classes. I'm likely to apply the same excuse for my 30th High School Class Reunion next year. Yep, I'm not very social, and now that I've got a good excuse, I'll stick to it like Loctite, the permanent stuff. Heck, I'd much rather meet a bunch of gunbloggers I've never met than bring back some uncomfortable high school memories....

Believe me, I've got a cast iron memory for every single stupid, inconsiderate, awkward, or cruel thing I've ever uttered (or heard)... and those seemed to peak in my high school years. Gunbloggers might only know me by the stupid, inconsiderate, awkward, or cruel things I've posted and heck, none of them have probably read them very closely. Hopefully, I had some illuminating content to make them forget the dreck.

So maybe when I'm financially and temporally set again, I'll make the trip to Reno. I'll be the guy in the corner doing breathing exercises to fight the nervous nausea.

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