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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cactus 2008 Halloween Match, Stage 4

SCORING: Thursday night
MINIMUM ROUNDS: 33 (16 pistol, 16 carbine, and 1 grenade)

TARGETS: One (1) bucket (guardian monster) , and sixteen (16) USPSA PAPER TARGETS


START POSITION: Normal ready in box A, unloaded pistol in holster and grenade in strong hand. Carbine is loaded and staged on table D. One pistol “penalty” magazine is staged on chair to the right of box A.

PROCEDURE: ON START SIGNAL, Engage G1 (guardian monster) with grenade. G2 is considered neutralized with successful grenade throw. If grenade throw is a miss, shooter will retrieve penalty ammo from chair and engage G2 from box A. Shooter then moves to barrel B and engages T1 - 4 from under the stick. Then move to barrel C and engage T5-8 from under the stick. Shooter then moves to table D, safely grounds pistol, and engages T9-11 & R1-5 with carbine. Paper requires two hits. Note: no set time penalty is assessed for a miss with the grenade in addition to time needed to retrieve penalty ammo and that needed to engage G2 with pistol.

Here's new shooter Carl scoring a bulls-eye with the grenade (Tunnel Monster, a bucket with a cardboard facade, not shown).



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