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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Not a Wasted Weekend

Had some monsoon storms sweep through tonight, so tomorrow's 3-Gun up in the Northwest might be in jeopardy due to bad wash conditions.

Upon his arrival, Jon recommended a Steel Panthers MBT scenario he'd tried earlier: a Croatian holding action against Serbia (#124?). After the whole game, we'd scored a Decisive Victory, but in a different fashion than Jon had experienced. (I played the initial Croatian forces, while he ran the reinforcement column that showed up in Turn 14.)

Afterwards Jon schooled Piter on the old Korean chessboard I had to dig around to find. It was 4-0 at last (and final) check... see why I rather play cooperative games than go head-to-head with Jon? When I get high-speed internet, that might change.

Oh, yeah, Jon likes to win.

After Jon won Tactical Iron at the AZ Civilian Defense League Independence Day Match with his M1A, and shot it in every 3-Gun practice match this year, I figured he'd bring that along for tomorrow's match.

Oh Noooooo! He had to bring his uber-cool all-POF gas-piston thunderstick with the brand-spanking-new Leupold CQT scope (top) so he can utterly crush me in Tactical Scope instead of win Heavy Metal.

Oh, yeah? I think I can beat him.



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