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Friday, July 04, 2008

AZ-CDL Independence Day Match

Cavalry Arms put on a great action rifle match today at Rio Salado. Heat was a constant oppressor for us old, out-of-shape types, but lotsa hydration and trigger-pulling got me through it.

Lots of Gun Pr0n to be seen there! Personally, I kept my Evil Black Rifle bagged until I needed it... those things get hot in the sun! I shot the POF-Meister in Tactical Scope, but scores couldn't get posted by the end of the match. Curious to see whether I beat any or all of my nemesises (nemesii?) that showed up: Russ, Debbie, Karl, Robert, Jake -- okay, maybe not Jake. He's got a smashing fashion sense, but his youth and energy are no match for my wisdom and treachery.

Treachery... heh.

Did I mention there was lots of Gun Pr0n?

Jon shot Tactical Iron and took great advantage of the Battle Rifle rules that let him neutralize a target with a single "C" Zone hit. He didn't need that much leeway since most of his rounds went exactly where he wanted them. The stage pictured left was an exception since the awkward "rooftop" perch played havoc with getting a good sight picture.
We only videoed our first two stages, since there wasn't much for the viewer on the two long range stages.
As you'll see in Stage One, I can be a heartless bastard when I calculate that I probably can't bandage a casualty in the 30 seconds I'd be penalized for not bandaging him.



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