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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tactical 3-Gun

Jerry the Geek tried his hand at Tactical 3-Gun, kinda what we do at our ACTS matches, except they use shotguns, have a complicated scoring system (the price you pay for recognizing power factor), and some really arcane stage instructions. Now, I wouldn't mind a shotgun component in my tactical gun fun, but I think their match is unnecessarily complicated; fun dissipates with frustration! Jerry thoughtfully offered some constructive criticism.

One thing I like about the ACTS format is that it's so simple, we usually don't even number the targets. You sometimes don't need the stage description for anything but starting position.
  • Be safe.
  • Shoot the hostiles.
  • Use cover or movement.
  • Don't shoot the hostages.
  • Switch to your other weapon (or not).
Some stages are more complicated, but that's the game in a nutshell.

The stage at right was the only one I submitted this month. (I have a porch template saved for that bay.) Incidentally, it was the most penalty-laden stage across all 11 shooters, thanks to all the no-shoots and targets hidden from the starting position. As Karl did, most of the shooters dropped to cover right away and engaged every target they could see before advancing. The rest charged and shot the close left guy on the move and used the door and windows to get a better view of the previously hidden hostiles. Freedom of choice! Karl would have shot this almost cleanly, except that he didn't recognize a target as an unengaged one. Bang!, 35 second penalty for a not-hit hostile. Of course, in real life, bad guys fall down and spew gore when they're shot, but we're on a budget....



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