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Friday, May 23, 2008

I Hate Shipping

I put off shipping the SOCOM-16 and Simmons scope long enough, so I took them to FedEx-Kinko's today. They were nice enough to print up my prepaid FedEx shipping label, but balked at actually shipping the rifle without Springfield faxing them a copy of their license first. WTF? Glad I asked about that first... I took the scope with me on the way out.

Since I didn't have a cellphone, a shit-load of quarters, or several hours to screw around with this, I took the rifle to nearby Second Amendment Sports, where the manager found a shipping sleeve for my box and promised it should at least make tomorrow's FedEx truck. Is that great, or what? Since it came under new management last year, I'm really grooving on this store; they even have a resident gunsmith!

I took the scope to the UPS Store.



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