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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Congratulations, Serr8d!

You said the majickal woids! "Happy 47th Birthday." The clues were as follows:

0 - Speaking of Asian military juntas, S. Korea had one of those. It took power on the day I was born. The leader General President Park was assassinated the week I graduated from Air Force Basic Training with orders for Korean Language School.

1. Chusingura is the story of 47 loyal retainers who avenge their master. Spoiler: They all die in the end.

2. T-47 Snow-Speeder.

3. Shuttle mission STS-47 by Shuttle Endeavor.

4. BB-47 USS Washington was never finished.

5. Forty-seven Ginger-headed Sailors sounds like a snappy tune.

6. CV-47 USS Phillipine Sea

7. The T-47 was also called the T17E1.

8. New Mexico was the 47th state admitted to the Union, right before Arizona.

9. The X-47 is a UCAV.

10. The B-47 Stratojet (these are starting to get more obvious).

11. The AK-47 is the preferred weapon of the enemy. It makes a distinctive sound when fired. -- Gunny Highway (Heartbreak Ridge)

12. CH-47 Chinook is the second of three helicopter types I've flown on.

13. This post is mysteriously blank. It was supposed to be a C-47 Skytrain. I had not been drinking that early in the day.

14. P-47 Thunderbolt

15. "Forty-seven" in Chinese.

16. "Happy Birthday" in Korean. Marcus at Just Barking Mad picked up on that.

17. Happy (Gilmore) + Berth + (Doris) Day

18. Birthday cake ordered by my coworkers back when I was gainfully employed.

19. "Happy Birthday" in Japanese.

20. "Happy Birthday" in Russian.

21. "Forty-seven" in Roman numerals.

22. My 36th Birthday was right before I shipped off to Survival School, hence all the gummi bugs and worms.

23. "Happy Birthday" in Spanish.

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  • At 11:48 PM, Blogger Serr8d said…

    Not bad for someone who's 49, eh?

    Just get you one of these. And maybe a bullwhip or something.

  • At 12:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Let's just say that I am somewhat familiar with Korea.

  • At 7:51 PM, Blogger NotClauswitz said…

    Belated Happy Birthday!
    "47 miles of barbed wire, (now you need) a cobra snake for a necktie." Bo-Didley :-)


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