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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Two More Stages

Didn't even video our first stage (3), two positions shooting down the long, narrow steel bay, then a right-hand turn into the "Baghdad Cafe" to hose cardboard. It was fun, but a lot of running (okay, waddling), and I didn't think y'all would enjoy watching that. (Also wanted to make sure I had enough memory to video several shooters at "Ouch! My Hand!")

Stage 2 "The Judge" will probably be a regular feature in the league. A rifle "El Presidente" from left and right barricade (with a mandatory reload between), then pistol at left and right low barricade. I scored one miss here... not bad.

Stage 1. Note to self: AIM HIGH AT POINT BLANK! This is where the hostage kills kicked my butt. The rest of the stage was almost perfect.


Update: Scores are up! I finished a skosh ahead of the middle, right behind my Nemesis Russell, but ahead of the guy with the Class III pistol-caliber PDW and the lone Open Division Shooter. I think I should have scored worse (or they switched Stage 3 with Stage 4).



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