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Sunday, April 27, 2008

POF-Master Range Review

The scope is nice! I totally trashed my game plan on Work Around and zoomed up the power to acquire the rifle targets at about 85 yards. I should have just taken a knee or flopped to prone. Cranked down to 1.5X on Wyatt Riot, the scope made a good facsimile of a "tactical" scope; I could shoot with both eyes open (kinda) through rapid (kinda) double-taps and with the table for a rest, tagged the prone steel (kinda perfectly) without zooming.

Y'all wanna help me name this rifle? It's a Patriot Ordnance Factory gas-piston upper on a plain Bushmaster XM17 receiver, topped with a Simmons shotgun scope as a low-cost effort to finally become competitive on those long-ass steel targets at Rio Salado. Or y'all can just continue hearing tales of the POF-Master...Puff-Meister... Bushy Patriot....



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