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Friday, October 26, 2007


Opened up my rear sliding glass door tonight to let in some cool air... and launched into a sneezing fit. Since I've had my backjungle mostly defoliated for a few weeks now, I finger it must be all the junk the winds have picked up. Or I'm allergic to my screen door.

Meanwhile, Lenny and Squiggy are pissed that the base commissary is out of Loratidine. I've done the Benadryl thing a couple nights in a row this week to fight the eye itchies (actually, they were almost pasted shut), thinking it was the ferrets, when I realized I'd had the back door open at night. So now I just run the ceiling fan, door closed, ferrets unhugged, but not ignored. Yogurt-covered raisins are a poor substitute for weasel-squeezin', but I'm sure they know I love 'em. Okay, Squig, I'll change the papers tomorrow!



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