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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Grr... Santa Ana Winds

I hope no fires spring up in the Sonoran. Sucky thing is: we've never been rained out at a Cactus League match, but we've had several called due to high winds. I've been looking forward to this coming weekend all's the Halloween 3-Gun! No special prizes or anything, but we always inject just a little more fun into the match and our competitors usually respond favorably to the stages.

We'd originally intended to make this a big 3-Gun prize match, but that has been moved to early next year. This week's match will test/preview some of those stages, albeit in our traditional 2-Gun stage mode... the big match will expand to exercise all three guns on every stage. Jon's and my own fiendishness in stage design has been augmented by some top talent. Some old favorites will return; I've resolved to re-run a version of Escape from the Lab until Jon's brother can shoot it without capping a no-shoot in the head. :) (Check out the video in my archives!) Jon's added a nasty surprise to it that'll curl your toes, if not the fingers on your shooting hand!



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