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Monday, October 29, 2007

Cactus Halloween: Escape from the Lab

Escape from the Lab (Shades of The Deer Hunter)

MINIMUM ROUNDS: (Multigun) 22 (1 stage revolver, 11 shotgun, 10 competitor’s pistol)
One (1) pepper popper, eleven (11) plates, and five (5) USPSA PAPER TARGETS

START POSITION: Sitting at TABLE “A”, facing uprange, wrist joints above shoulders. Competitor’s pistol and shotgun are loaded and staged at TABLE “B”. RO will then load SP101 with one (1) round only (ammunition is provided), spin cylinder to randomly situate live round, and place SP101 on table.

Engage PP1 with provided SP101 revolver. Ground SP101 on TABLE “A,” move to TABLE“B” and engage P1 – P11 with shotgun. If PP1 is not successfully engaged with SP101, shooter will retrieve spear and use it to successfully engage PP1 before moving to TABLE “B.” After engaging P1 – P11, ground shotgun in a safe configuration and retrieve talisman and pistol from table. Move to BOX “C” and engage T1 – T5 with pistol using strong hand only, holding talisman in weak hand. Shooter may not use talisman as a support while engaging T1 – T5. Paper requires two hits and all steel must fall to score.

We shot this stage first and were mildly disappointed in the lack of oomph the Blazer 158 grain .357 Magnums produced in the little SP-101. Adrenaline may have had something to do with that. That didn't stop a lot of shooters from flinching as they dry fired the snubby searching for the loaded cylinder. I did my best DeNiro impersonation asking for two bullets, but the RO was steadfast. Jon added a lot of imagination to this perennial favorite; I did have a lot of input in replacing the cross talisman with something more worthy of zombie repulsion.

Bob had the most eventful outing on this stage, so he wins the YouTube spotlight.

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