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Monday, June 25, 2007

After the Practice Match

Boy, was that fun! Lotsa long gun shooters showed up to try my stages. I forgot to bring the camera, so my mind was free of that distraction. You'd think I'd've shot better? No! I sucked big time. Note to self: if your AR is sighted in for 200 yards, hold low at 80! What an idiot I am.

Was not so stupid with riotgun...just slow. I slipped a LimbSaver recoil pad on to the moved my cheek weld back on the stock to where the sights line up more naturally. Also started loading with my left hand (something I never considered until I got a pistol-grip shottie); I need some practice with that.

Jon competed with his POF-USA gas-piston AR for the first time; he's quite tickled with it. Bob brought out his new Glock 34...he's now a shotgun away from having his own 3-Gun battery! Bob managed Jon's Rem870 well enough, missing as often as I did. [Grumble Freaking Texas Star misses! Grumble]



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