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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


:) I squeaked ahead of young Piter on the "Carefree Star," but he beat me on every other stage, despite the fact that he was packing a single-stack .45 and shooting two long guns he'd never fired before. I had more penalties on the evil "Sonoran Star" and some BoG2 cycling issues on the last rifle/pistol stage, but Piter earned his spot in the middle of the pack of both riotgunners and carbineers.

Of course, I didn't start practical shooting until my mid-30s and Piter started learning the game when he was elbow-high to Jon. Now he's a hulking shooting machine with a customized .45 (legally, his Mom's) and a soft-shooting Remington 1100 from his "new favorite Uncle." One happy camper. (BTW, Piter's a tall kid, 6'2"...the strapping giant behind him was even taller).

BoG2 worked just great for both of us in the first rifle stage, but then gave us both trouble in the next. I hope it's just breaking-in issues! I've got to give BoG2 a good scrubbing, test-firing, lather, rinse, repeat. Since I didn't drop it off to get the new muzzle brake installed, maybe I'll try it out at the next ACTS match.



  • At 1:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Twas alot of fun :) And yes... my New Fav uncle :)


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