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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Full House

Jon took the prize for style points at today's 3-Gun Practice Match: he showed up with hi-cap mag holders on his left hip and an itty-bitty Ruger SP-101 on his right hip. If ya don't have to run very hard, you can stick loaded SP-101 speedloaders into the mag pouches...Jon decided to get some practice with his CCW piece and even sprang for some "full house" defense loads to maximize the whole experience. It helped to know that the pistol round count for multi-gun wouldn't break the bank. His stages times were naturally slower than normal for Speedy Juan, but he was proud to note that, despite scoring some penalties, he went home leaving no bad guy unventilated. (I'll vouch that plates on a plate rack don't really count as "bad guys.")

By the end of the match, Jon's shooting arm was a bit fatigued, but the muscle memory should serve him well if he ever needs to draw the little Five-Gun under pressure.



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