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Sunday, April 15, 2007

April ACTS Match

We went from last month's eight shooters to 22 today! Of course, it's August, we'll see who are the real diehards; me, I'll be indoors enjoying the a/c and a cold one with a baseball game on.

I gotta learn that April is NOT too early to wear sunscreen.

The Bushy ran great (except for my first mag, which did a fair imitation of my troublesome POF upper) and after a long run with 1911s last year, I was fast and sloppy with the Glock. I squadded with Jeff and Russell (my mentoring projects from last year), Desert Cat and Daisy Cat, and Robert, the Class III dealer. Jeff and Russell are coming along nicely; I didn't root through the rough results when I had the's possible that Russell kicked my butt. I did see that the Blogger Cats were united at the bottom of the standings, though. The long range stuff kicked Mister Cat's AK-wielding butt and Missus Cat is as green as a fine spring day. She knows how to wring the accuracy out of her BAG Day DPMS Panther Lite, but she's handicapped herself by shooting a tiny .380 single-stack (pssst--don't tell the ACTS guys). I offered to bring along a Glock 19 for her next time, but she's apparently got combattupperwarophobia. I'm almost afraid to offer her any advice, since she takes her defensive shooting very seriously. She probably would have had a lot more points if most of her shot placements weren't in the HEAD!! It's not really gaming it to bring your aim down to the torso and maybe shoot a little faster. Of course, I might train myself to take headshots if I was packing a .380 only.

Me, I had one of my infamous brainfarts and failed to engage three targets. My only no-shoot was actually a keyhole from a round we suspect hit the cover I was shooting behind. The resolution of the video might not let you see the sawdust flying at my fourth rifle shot. With those penalties and a few misses, I think I finished in the middle of the pack. Many great pics at Desert Cat's Paradise! And some of me too!



  • At 3:06 AM, Blogger Desert Cat said…

    Combat Tupperware...HA! Never heard that. Good one.

  • At 1:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey, if you're not taking chunks out of your cover, you're not using it effectively!


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