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Friday, January 26, 2007

My Upper's Here!, not that one. BOG 2: Electric Bugaloo's barreled upper arrived today! Gee, you'd think that after my DPMS package of miscellaneous parts required a signature, I might have expected to see Mister Big Brown on my porch waiting for my signature after plopping down a pricey package and ringing my doorbell. Nope, he was practically back in his truck already -- and I was actively waiting for him (turns out The Truck has loud, squeaky brakes).

Wow, that "10 to 12 weeks to shipping" the company quoted me was, happily, not very accurate. The only downer to this scenario is that I won't have a finished rifle until my other shipment arrives. Sure, I could scavenge a few parts off my other AR platforms to get this one into action quickly...but I'm in no hurry. I'm shooting Thumper Junior (SOCOM-16) this weekend (and for every match until the Superstition 3-Gun in March).

But after shooting buddy Jon just happened to catch the Build an AR Bug(aloo) independently of myself (yeah, right), but instead of building a lower from scratch, he picked one out at the factory and ordered an upper -- from the same company where I ordered mine! It should be interesting to see how similar our projects turn out. Good Gun Blog material!

I suspect this summer's match schedule will feature prominently my BOG 2 and his fancy pants city cousin in several venues.


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