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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cool Droppings!

One of the reasons my late night Space Opus production has fallen off to nothing is that I've learned the paradrop features in the game Steel Panthers: MBT (not pictured, heh). The game usually has a very detailed order of battle available from almost every country with a military (and even some non-government forces), but I was distressed to find that my North/South Korean War would have to be played sans ROK paratroops. I'd already scored a Minor Victory with my NK airborne light infantry against a southern target; when I try to return the favor, I'm limited to vanilla ROK rifle companies stuffed into C-118 transports. C'mon, guys! I know the ROK has a Marine Corps! I might have to see if there's a game forum somewhere to see why none of SK's special forces made it into the game.

FWIW, my ROK grunts won a 2:1 Draw last night. Lots of landing casualties don't help when some of your troopers land in the middle of the enemy's armored response force!

Tonight: Indonesian paratroops and commandos try to recapture their Highlands from the filthy Australian invaders!


  • At 1:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Is that a violation of don't ask, don't tell? :-)


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