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Friday, June 30, 2006

Today's Racist Post

Mine, not theirs (HipHop Republican).

According to a comprehensive study of all enlistees for the years 1998-99 and 2003 that The Heritage Foundation just released, the typical recruit in the all-volunteer force is wealthier, more educated and more rural than the average 18- to 24-year-old citizen is.

Indeed, for every two recruits coming from the poorest neighborhoods, there are three recruits coming from the richest neighborhoods. 98% joined with high-school diplomas or better. By comparison, 75% of the general population meets that standard.
There goes another myth that gets as much lefty war-hater liptime as "Blood for Oil" and "Quagmire." Even if poor minorities are inducted by Jesse Jackson's "Draft Board of Economic Necessity" (damn, I wish I could find that quote--am I the only one who remembers that?), they don't end up as "cannon fodder." Today's modern, all-volunteer military requires intelligence and motivation "where the rubber meets the road." A Poor Kid from the 'Hood is far more likely to settle into a support job better suited to his lackluster education than venture into combat arms where becoming a casualty is far more likely.



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