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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm Ready For My Close-up, Mr. Blob

David Hart (not pictured) produces three hunting shows (Buckmasters Whitetail, Rack, & The Jackie Bushman Show) featured on The Outdoor Channel and The Outdoor Life Channel; and three magazines (Buckmasters Whitetail, Rack and Gunhunter). He also oversees and has taken upon himself to develop an internet-based outdoors network. StreamingOutdoors was originally intended for hunting topics, but Mr. Hart must have heard the gospel of Michael Bane and designated a channel for Shooting. He's even got a clip from Kim DuToit.

Although Mr. Hart approached me using words like "show" (high production value) and "sponsorship" ($$$), I interpreted it all as "free video hosting!" I'm not as telegenic as KDT (*snork*), but I do have some good match footage saved up and recently figured out Windows Movie Maker, so you might be seeing more 3-Gun in the Sun than just the movie stills I've been posting. My movie posting will coincide with visits to Jon's house (and his cable modem) until all the crazy sponsorship money starts pouring in.

I wonder if the Geek knows about this? He's got tons of video....

On the Burner:

My first two videos? My first effort was a short segment dedicated to Practical Shooting with Long Guns. It has no narration or music track. My second will document the most commented-on match I've ever done, last year's Halloween 3-Gun Practice Match. I'll probably record a voice-over, but I don't know whether I want to mess with music...don't need the music industry nazis on my case! After that, it'll be fresh stuff. Now that I know I'm doing it for more than just private viewing, I'll be broadening my subjects, to include some Master Class shooters, instead of just friends and myself.

Does this mean I gotta get release forms? Geez....


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