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Friday, April 28, 2006


The latest photo Meme is from Fodder at Ride Fast & Shoot Straight: the mantel gun (gun on Display Duty). Like a good gun owner*, any operable firearm not locked, loaded, and hidden for immediate action is safely locked away in a steel cabinet or gunsafe (unless you stop by the night before a Range Day--you better come with advance warning!). That being said, I keep my Benjamin Sheridan .20 cal pellet gun on a bedroom shelf, since the safe and cabinets are a tad too crowded to squeeze in a quasi-gun. I moved it to my dusty "mantel" for the Photo Op.

My only other "ornamental" gun is the .44 cal. 1858 Remington New Army reproduction I keep to make the Saloon look nice and cheesily Western (if you can see it through the clutter).

I've got lots of "museum pieces" blogged about before that deserve to be viewed and admired for the history they represent. It's a shame I have all that nice "furniture" hidden away under lock and key, but that's the world in which we live.

*A good gun owner keeps loaded guns hidden in the house? My Saloon and Hermit Palace does not see rugrat or yard ape traffic. If you're in my house, you're either a good friend or about to hear the snick of a safety. Or a BOOM.

H/t to Tam.


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