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Monday, January 16, 2006

Glock and Knife Show 4

A fer-real Swiss Army Knife! Is he running out of knives before he exhausts his collection of Glocks? Who knows? Outside of my couple of multi-tools (which I don't consider knives), this little baby is the handiest thing in my house. Handier than me, for sure, if you're looking at my inoperable garbage disposal....

The Glock 19 is another rebuild that I only bought because it would give me one more Glock than my friend Jon has. It's got the extended slide stop and lighter trigger for when I feel like shooting "minor" in the matches (the Pima 3-Gun doesn't take power factor into account in its scoring). I rationalized its purchase (besides the perfectly rational reason of one-upping Jon) by reasoning that if I ever had a girlfriend (hah!), I could teach her to shoot the more tame 9-mm instead my .40s or .45s. Yeah, it's not like I don't have a safe full of other Europellet guns and .38 Special-munching revolvers. I shoot this one more than any other of the Nines and even used it to qualify for my latest CCW permit. I had the tightest group in the whole class. Lisa the Biker chick, my ferret-sitter, outshot all the other ladies with her own G19 in the same class.


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