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Friday, September 23, 2005

That Was Some 47 Week Flash

They must have been referring to the Vietnamese course...I think they spend 10 minutes on grammar there.

Gotta watch this, though! Something to tide me over until R. Lee bums a ride aboard COMPASS CALL or, better yet, tries to explain the origin of term "Skivvy Nine." That could take up a whole episode!

H/t Lil Bro

R. Lee Live Update: AF PJs! These guys rock! I had an outside chance of flying with them as a follow-on assignment (would probably have been my last), but I was apprehensive (read scared shitless) of the helo underwater dunk simulator required to qualify. A man's got to know his limitations.

Aircraft carrier guys and gals--you coffee-slurping seapersons kick major butt! I sure saw a lot of minorities and immigrants aboard the Nimitz...what's with that? I thought those folks were just cannon-fodder in the infantry?

Explosive Ordnance Disposal...don't have much experience with these guys, except that the wierdest mofo in my Basic Training Flight got EOD. Kick ass!

Ooooh. yuck! MOPP (Mission-Oriented Protective Posture) Gear! (We just called it Fear Gear.) Having been stationed in Korea for 5 tours, I've spend a lot of time "sucking rubber" and wearing the charcoal suit. Never mastered the art of sleeping in it, but at least I no longer needed to type with two pencils when the AF went to PC usage over clunky teletypewriters.

Mail Call! I still have dreams of wandering into the Osan AB Post Office and forgetting my PO box combination.

DLI! Not a bad show, but little appreciation shown for the year and a half it takes to generate a linguist proficient in a Category 4 language. Like ARABIC!! Or KOREAN!!

The Great Raid! Unfortunately, the Marines on Iwo Jima were Bogarting all the press coverage while some brave Army heros were rescuing some American POWs in the Phillipines.


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