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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Malfunction Junction

It looked like our biggest 4th Sunday turn-out ever! And the league used another set of my stage designs! No fouler description of these four challenging scenarios emanated from anywhere other than my own mouth. Or maybe I was just pissed at my shotgun magazine spring or myself for running out of ammo on one of the rifle stages...or not adjusting my zero for 80 yards.

The scores were hosed again, but my keen analysis tells me that I had the suckiest day of anybody. Lots of guys must have disqualified or did not finish, but at least the word is out that there is much long gun fun to be had here on 4th Sundays!

Stage One: "Ammo Run" Starting position: Holding in both hands Ammo Can grounded in the front of Box A.

At start signal, engage P1 through 3 and T1 through T7. Ground unloaded pistol on table. Grab unloaded rifle and ammo can (use a large coffee can, inside edges taped to prevent cuts) from table and move to Box B. Engage T1 through T3 and PP1 through 8. Paper requires two pistol hits or three rifle hits to score; all steel must fall.

Ammo Can must be grounded inside Box B to avoid a procedural penalty. All ammo fired from this box must have been carried in ammo can. If shooting pistol-only, shooter must move with empty gun.

Stage Two: "Mirror Mirror"

Starting position: Seated at chair A, pistol in holster, rifle grounded on table with muzzle pointed downrange, round in chamber with safety on.

At start signal, engage with one round T1 through T5 left hand only, then engage T6 through T10 with one round, right hand only. Ground unloaded pistol on table. With rifle, engage T1 through T10 with two headshots each.

Stage Three "Texas Load Em." Starting position: Seated at Table A, empty pistol on table, ammo/magazine in strong hand held two to four inches straight downrange from dominant shooting eye.

At start signal, engage T1 through T3. At this point, the remaining steel may be engaged with riotgun if desired. You must ground your empty pistol on the table before proceding to Barricade B. All shots at P7 through P12 must be made through ports in barricade.

Stage Four "Bystanders and Bad Guys Beware" Starting position: standing behind Table A, normal ready.

At start signal, engage T1 through T7 and P1. Use generous Charge line A to avoid shoot-throughs to No-Shoot targets. Ground unloaded pistol on table. From behind charge line B, engage P2 through P9 with riotgun. Each paper target requires two pistol hits to score; all steel must fall.

The League Stage Guru moved the front targets off to the right to eliminate shoot-throughs, but we still found lotsa pellets in the no-shoots.

Jon and I are teaming up to design some Halloween stages for the 4th Sunday in October match!

If you didn't get here from there, go to the Carnival of Cordite!


  • At 11:34 AM, Blogger Kevin said…

    OK, what does it take to shoot in this competition? I have a Kimber .45, a new upper for my AR with a EOTech sight, and a Mossberg 590. I've never shot in this kind of match, but I'm interested.

    Email me.


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