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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Three Hours Sleep!

I hate me! After all the run and coke and pounding the Canadian Army last night, you'd think I could sleep until the 8 a.m. alarm? Even after getting to bed after 3 a.m.? Try 0630. Then I start digging around in my stuff and found that I left all my pistol mag pouches at home! At least I have stress to keep me awake now! Maybe I can borrow some from Jon's brother.

We were playing Steel Panthers II last night on the old rickety Gateway. We were the Greek Army being assaulted by the Canadians in 1962. What fun! I bought two rifle companies, six platoons of 155-mm howitzers, an ordnance section, and mines. Jon stiffened our defense with a rifle company, two M-47 tanks, some engineers, spare bazooka teams (our rifle companies had recoilless rifles) and more mines! We saved the game after 3 a.m. while the computer enemy still had a lot of armor left (Centurions and Sherman dozer-engineer tanks), but it was all sitting at the edge of my beautifully placed minefield.

Jon dug up some single pouches and handed me a double and a single...what a pal! I'll probably let him beat me in the match today.


  • At 10:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You need Steel Panthers: World at War...

    It's set in WWII, so you can't do more "modern" battles like in SPII and SPIII, but it's still pretty nice...



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